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"The studio employs top notch teachers and choreographers.  The students have opportunities to learn different genres of dance in a safe environment.  There are many opportunities for students to develop a love for creative movement."

We have danced at Dance Force for the past 7 years and this makes year 3 of competition team. We are thrilled that we have found a place for our daughter to thrive and build her love of dance and gain so much confidence. We wouldn't have it any other way. We also love all the teachers and staff. Best place if you ask us

"Caring instructors and amazing choreography!  Happy to call this place our dance home for over a decade!"

"This is the place to be for dance in Clarksville!! They have excellent dance instructors that are knowledgeable of their craft.  I am thankful that my daughter has the opportunity to experience this type instruction.  If you are serious about your child dancing, please come and join the Dance Force Family...where we are Together & Strong!"

"Dance Force provides a solid foundation for any dancer looking to enjoy the art of dancing in a family-oriented setting where she will grow and become part of a legacy of talented and committed dancers. It is a setting that provides for both the recreational and competitive dancer in a challenging yet relaxed environment. My child has been a part of The Dance Force family for over 9 years and has grown as both a dancer and an individual to become a well-round, confident young adult. I thank the owners Lauren & Mary Lu for making her senior year a memorable one that she will cherish."

"No matter where a person dances, they will not get the quality of technique and showmanship and level of caring anywhere than they will receive at The Dance Force of Clarksville.  It is amazing how much my girls have grown and matured as dancers and young ladies. I credit much of that to The Force. If you care about forming lasting relationships, and nurturing your child as a dancer, send them to The Dance Force of Clarksville."

"DF Family,

  I would like everyone to know how pleased I have been with my children's dance education this year.  Each of their teachers have been phenomenal-especially Carmen and Caroline- and I can tell that they really care.  I know they would only get this quality dance education and caring from the teachers and directors at The Dance Force of Clarksville.  They have formed long lasting friendships and learned many life lessons.  I hope that we can all take time out and reflect on this past year and fondly remember all of the good times had by our children.  Let us also remember our successes and short comings and strive to make nationals and the coming year even better.  Thank you for reading and join me in celebrating the successes of Dance Force."

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